Education is important. We should have a system that ‘works’ so that each child gets equipped for their next stage. But the system doesn’t always work, and sometimes young people need a hand to help them get to where they need to be. Use this site to find out more about getting your child help with their Maths GCSE.

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I’ve been tutoring and coaching students in the wider Southampton area for their Mathematics GCSE since 2007 when I noticed how my brother was struggling. After he exceeded his predicted C achieve an A in 2008, I decided to become a maths teacher and I’ve never looked back.  Since then I’ve helped students of all abilities from Year 4 to Year 11 in a wider area including Southampton and Winchester.  

I’m a qualified teacher and took my first steps into teaching in 2009, qualifying with the 1* award for exceptional teaching from the University of Southampton. My degree, Structural Engineering with Architectural Studies, has given me a passion for showing students where mathematics is used in the real world. My approach has been heavily influenced by my past jobs, both inside and outside of teaching. 

In 2017, I am starting to connect local mathematicians from the University with parents and schools who are looking for additional maths help for their students. I also host revision groups for Year 11 students in the run-up to their exams, giving students the chance to train for their exams with maths specialists on hand to answer any questions.

My main job is actually being a student myself. I’m studying school effectiveness and improvement at the University of Southampton and have recently won a Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship to continue onto Southampton Education School’s PhD programme. 

Outside of teaching, my ongoing recovery from Guillain-Barré Syndrome has motivated me to raise money for charity: in 2012 people generously gave over £1,300 to the GBS Support Group, Smile4Wessex and Neurocare after I took part in the Great South Run 5k.  I hope to do the same again sometime soon. 

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My Approach

My Beliefs

  • I believe young people should receive the best possible help to get them to their next stop in life.
  • I believe most schools and most teachers are doing an exceptional job.
  • But I believe many students at some stage need a 1-to-1 support to help them move forward with their maths.
  • I believe there is already enough homework and enough pressure in schools – the last thing you need is a new maths tutor to turn up on your doorstep with their own agenda or programme, requiring even more homework for your already stressed-out child.
  • I can help you support your child with their maths without adding to your child’s maths-stress. 

Tackling Misconceptions

The biggest problem I’ve seen – that’s common to students of all abilities in my experience – is a lack of confidence.  Even the highest achieving pupils will have nagging doubts, while an extraordinary proportion of children have a paralysing sense of being “no good” at maths.

imageOne of the reasons for this is the lie many children are told, that “you either ‘get’ maths or you don’t”.  Although told in good faith, it’s good news for maths students that this statement is completely untrue.

The fact is that we all find different aspects of mathematics more difficult than others.  Once students have understood that their ability to succeed at maths can be improved with practice, the transformation in their performance can be phenomenal.

So I am a passionate believer in boosting students’ confidence by pitching the level/grade of their work appropriately and then highlighting their new skills whenever I can.  This really helps students to feel an appropriate pride in their work.

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