Private Maths Tuition in Southampton

imageI’ve been in the area since 1992 so I know it pretty well! I can offer maths tuition at a number of different ‘price points’, according to your needs, starting as low as £7.50 per hour.

Train to Win (from £7.50/hr)

How did David Beckham score so many goals so reliably? Like any sportman knows, it was because he practised the same skills over and over again. Whatever your standard of sport – and of maths – repetition is the mother of skill. And in the Train to Win 10-week revision groups, our Maths Coaches work with small groups of students on exam-style preparation material tailored to students’ tier of entry (Higher/Foundation) and exam board (Edexcel, AQA, OCR). All Coaches have an enhanced DBS check and there are never more than 6 students for every adult. Every student has a Link Coach who will host their table of students each week. In each session, Coaches work with students on a true-to-life GCSE paper written especially for the new 9-1 GCSEs. It will be stretching but very worthwhile training for students of all abilities. Sessions start in April and run right up to the last exam.


What do I pay?

£25 membership fee to join a revision group, then £5 per week. Payment for all 10 weeks is made when you join (£75 in total). All materials are included.


Personal Trainer (from £14.25/hr)

When you need extra input in the gym, you get a personal trainer. Our Train to Win Coaches are also available on a 1-to-1 basis as Personal Trainers for students’ maths, to help accelerate their progress. Once I’ve introduced you to a Trainer, set up a Learning Agreement and the billing arrangements, you liaise directly with your Trainer to arrange the logistics. But most students go for a regular weekly session. Some use the sessions to make sure their maths homework is done each week and others want to explore new, harder areas of maths that aren’t being covered in school. What you cover is really up to the student and their Trainer.


What do I pay?

Prices depend on the Trainer but start at £15 per hour. There is a 5% discount when you block-book and pay for 6 sessions in advance, which brings the overall cost per session down to £14.25. Over time, Trainers are recognised for their hard work and development and so prices are reviewed each academic year.


Qualified Teacher (from £32.30/hr)

I personally am also available for regular, weekly maths tuition in the Southampton area. You can find out more about me and my approach elsewhere on this site, but suffice to say that helping students make progress and succeed is what makes me tick.


What do I pay?

My base rate is currently £34 per hour but there is a 5% discount available when you block-book and pay for 6 sessions in advance, bringing the overall cost per hour to £32.30.