Back to the Future

It’s been nine months in the making, but today I became a student again.

Virtually all of that time has been spent waiting, one way or another, for this day.  At times over the past couple of months, the inertia of life while I wait has been almost too much to handle.  I’m used to maniacally dashing around after 200+ teenagers.  I’m not cut out for a life that is simply sitting and waiting.

Okay, maybe the sitting part I can handle.  It’s the waiting I’m not particularly good at.  No matter how you make use of the time (and there has definitely been some good to come out of my waiting), it’s virtually impossible to get away from the idea that you’re simply treading water waiting for the next thing to start.

But waiting I am no more, and the induction day has excited me for the year ahead.

As it turns out I will be having to pick up speed pretty quickly.  I’m going to be working on a new project that will help me work towards three assignments over the course of the year.  To start with, I’ll be reading up on other similar projects that have been conducted in the past…